Company Information - The Help!


Meeting Customer Needs

One of the most important aspects of how I want to run my company is by communicating with my  clients.  I want to find out exactly what my client wants and provide  them with it. It is vital that there is good communication between us, and that the  details are obtained as to precisely what is required. This communication should begin from the start, and should not end there, but instead continue for the length of the contract with regular opportunity for assessment and evaluation.   

Delivering on Promises

With The  Help you will get a cleaning service that arrives at the scheduled time on the scheduled day - no  more "where are they?" concerns for your home. You will also get a cleaning service  with personalization and attention to detail required to do the job  right. 

I use the best products including commercial vacuums, Eco-friendly cleaners and micro-fiber cloths.  This enables the highest quality of cleaning service possible to you, your family, your pets and the environment.

What's Included With My Cleaning? 

Your house cleaning mostly depends on what you need help with. If you are looking for a routine house cleaning, then your house is cleaned from top to the bottom including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. All places will be vacuumed, dusted, disinfected and will smell fresh. Some customers might be looking for move in or move out house cleaning, spring cleaning or deep cleaning. For these types of cleanings, everything is done the same as in a routine cleaning plus much more. Your refrigerator, oven, windows, blinds and light fixtures are cleaned and your house will be sanitized, shining and sparkling.